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True Democracy NY Inc.


Formed May 2021 in New York, NY as a 501c4 non-profit.

Partnered with Represent.Us NYC in the #DrawDemocracy Campaign to fight for fair electoral maps in the decennial redistricting process.
Created the first ever “Gerrymandering Jigsaw Puzzle” to illustrate the problems with gerrymandered electoral districts.


True Democracy NY is a non-partisan group of New Yorkers dedicated to changing the systemic dysfunction and corruption of New York politics.  We believe in empowering everyday people to take action locally to fix our broken elections and hold politicians accountable.  

2021 Goals

Educate New Yorkers, especially young people, about the anti-democratic practice of partisan gerrymandering

Organize people to advocate for fair maps in their own districts by testifying at Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) public hearings and contacting the Commission and their New York State elected officials.

Advocate for a truly independent redistricting commission for future cycles.

contact: truedemocracyny[at]  |  773-517-6433

Download True Democracy NY's 2021 Annual Report
Download True Democracy NY's 2021 Form 990-N

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