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Statement on IRC Draft Maps

Statement from the #DrawDemocracy Campaign

NEW YORK, NY, September 16th, 2021

The release of two sets of maps by New York’s bipartisan Redistricting Commission proves that New York needs to establish a truly independent commission as quickly as possible. The maps make it more than obvious that both parties are seeking to gerrymander the state to their own partisan advantage. Even if the commission does eventually reach consensus, it appears likely that the Democratic-led state legislature will toss out the proposed maps and draw its own. This shows beyond a doubt that the only way to end gerrymandering in New York is through a truly independent commission composed of qualified redistricting experts, not partisan actors.

The #DrawDemocracy campaign has produced the world’s first Gerrymandering Jigsaw Puzzle to draw attention to the issue of gerrymandering in New York. The maps released by the commission yesterday look uncannily similar to the current State Senate map contained in the puzzle.

The #DrawDemocracy Campaign is a partnership between True Democracy NY and Represent.Us NYC. 

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