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RepresentUs NYC has three focus areas, inspired by our Fix NY Democracy pledge: fixing our broken elections, getting big money out of New York politics, and holding politicians accountable on corruption. Our chapter has helped win important victories on these issues by campaigning for the passage of campaign finance reform in 2018 and getting Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot in 2019. But there’s still work to be done! Read below for more details.

Fix Our Broken Elections


Redistricting What is redistricting? Redistricting is the process of redrawing political maps. We generally elect our state and federal representatives from defined districts, and where and how those lines are drawn has a…

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Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting What is ranked choice voting (RCV)? A ranked-choice ballot replaces the single-choice ballots we use now with the option to select more than one candidate, ranked in order of your…

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Ballot Access

Ballot Access What is ballot access?     “Ballot access” is the term for various requirements candidates and political parties must meet in order to appear on a ballot.  Most are set by law,…

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Get Big Money out of NY Politics

Contribution Limits

Contribution Limits The state must lower contribution limits that are highest in the country while also closing loopholes for big money to party committees. What are contribution limits? Various levels of US government…

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Hold Politicians Accountable on Corruption


JCOPE New York deserves an effective ethics enforcement agency.  The Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) should be dissolved and replaced with an agency whose members are independent and empowered to impose penalties…

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Sign the Petition

Sign the #FixNYDemocracy pledge to pressure our representatives to commit to passing comprehensive democracy reform in the first six months of the new legislative session.
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