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  • Keep it short and sweet. You have three minutes, keep your testimony to about 400-425 words.
  • You don’t want to rush through your testimony. Leave enough time to read at an understandable pace with pauses for emphasis.
  • If you are not accustomed to public speaking, you might want to practice with a friend and time yourself.
  • Mention that you are testifying on behalf of our group.
  • Mention where you live and give specific examples about how the district lines split up communities or cover areas that are very different or distant from each other geographically.
  • You can look up all your district numbers on our website, and we have stories posted on some districts.
  • Make specific suggestions of what a better district would look like. You don’t have to draw a map, you could just describe it.
  • Look at your Senate district map:
  • Look at Karen Peterson Young’s testimony for Brooklyn

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