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Leadership Team

Tom Speaker

Tom Speaker has been at RepresentUs NYC since 2017 and has helped with the chapter’s Ranked Choice Voting and campaign finance reform campaigns. He is also a policy analyst for Reinvent Albany, a nonprofit that advocates for open and accountable government in New York state. In 2020 he placed first on City & State’s list of Most Powerful People in New York Named Tom Speaker.

Karen Young

Karen Young joined Represent NYC in the summer of 2019 and then spent several hot, sweaty days telling one and all the good news about Ranked Choice Voting in NYC. Previously, she was an active member of the Green Party. She has written issue backgrounders, press releases and such for campaigns including #FixNYDemocracy.

Hannah Wood

Hannah joined RepresentUs in early 2019 when she realized that YES she could do something about all that pesky corruption. She works as a software engineer and is responsible for this website and many of the graphics you see. So if you notice something amiss, feel free to tweet at us, and she may or may not fix depending on how hurt her feelings are.

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