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RepresentUs NYC September Newsletter

Welcome to the first monthly RepresentUs NYC newsletter! Every month we’ll be sending you updates on our latest campaigns, how you can get involved, and the latest in NY politics. If you’d like to help write the newsletter, please reach out to Tom at

Tell your candidates to #FixNYDemocracy!

To date we have gotten 38 candidates for office in New York state to sign our#FixNYDemocracy pledge! We need your help to reach our goal of reaching 75 candidates this fall.

Signing means that the candidate has committed to voting for the following when they reach office in 2021:

  • fixing our elections (through fair redistricting maps, fair ballot access rules, and ranked choice voting)
  • getting big money out of NY politics (with reasonable contribution limits)
  • holding officials accountable (through a truly independent ethics watchdog)

We’re currently in the process of contacting every single candidate for office in NY. Can you give us a hand by contacting the candidates in your district? Please reach out to Karen at for details on how you can help.

Next RepresentUs NYC Meeting Tuesday, October 6th

Our next member meeting will be held Tuesday, October 6th at 8pm on Google Meets. We’ll be discussing the latest on our #FixNYDemocracy campaign, our gerrymandering puzzle campaign, and our plans for the coming year. We’re open to hearing ideas for next year, so if you want to help shape the future of RepresentUs NYC, this is the time to get involved! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

The Latest in NY Politics

  • New York’s boards of election are so starved for cash that they’re literally going to an organization funded by Mark Zuckerberg for help.NY State of Politics reports that boards were permitted by the state to reach out to charities like the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which has received an infusion of cash from Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. The boards have repeatedly claimed that they are in dire need for funds to administer absentee voting in November. The governor has continued to blame the federal government for not providing sufficient funds.
  • Congratulations on your book deal, Governor Cuomo! When are you going to provide financial details about your book? Any outside income for an elected official has potential for presenting a conflict of interest, even for publishing a book. If a publisher has business before the state and wants something from the Governor, the Governor may feel pressure to placate the publisher since they’ve given him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, the Governor has so far declined to provide any details about his latest book deal. It’s possible we won’t receive any details until the middle of next year.
  • It’s not an NY corruption news update without a Bill de Blasio story – in his latest scandal, the Mayor gave out $91 million to an utterly unqualified electronic device company run by a CEO who had donated to Hizzoner’s failed presidential campaign. Ultimately, the contractor failed to deliver, and the City had to cancel the contracts. This is only one of many potential pay-to-play scandals that have occurred during the Mayor’s two terms in office.

Thank you for reading! Check out our website and follow us on Twitter and facebook for more. Please write with any questions or comments.



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