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Tell NY legislators to expand absentee voting!

We hope you’re all keeping safe and healthy during this challenging moment. COVID-19 has hit New York particularly hard and put incredible strain on essential personnel. We’re extremely grateful to the workers who have kept society running as the crisis continues.

In times like these, it’s important as ever that we fight to keep our democratic institutions intact. That’s why we’re asking you to take a minute to call your state legislator and ask them to expand absentee voting during COVID-19It’s crucial that New Yorkers have the opportunity to participate in the June 23rd primaries without putting their health at risk. 

Governor Cuomo can expand absentee voting on his own, and there is also a bill in the legislature, S8015-A (Senate) / A10203-A (Assembly), that would resolve the issue. But our elected officials might not take action without pressure.

Here is how you can contact your officials:

  1. Find your State Senator here and your Assemblymember here. (You can also leave a message at Governor Cuomo’s office by dialing 518-474-1041 and pressing “1.”)
  2. When you’ve reached the legislator’s office, say, “I’m calling to ask [legislator’s name] to support expanding absentee voting by cosponsoring S8015-A/A10203-A. The state cannot ask New Yorkers to put their own health at risk in order to participate in democracy. We need action to protect voters now.”

You can also support our actions on social media with our photo petition! See instructions below.

Feel free to reach out to Andrew at representalbanyny [at] with any questions. We are also available on Twitter and Facebook.

And most importantly, stay safe!


RepresentUs NY

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