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Bloomberg’s spending is why we need campaign finance reform

The issue of money in politics is back in the spotlight this week, as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues his rise in Democratic primary polls behind hundreds of millions of dollars in spending on ads, staff, equipment, and events. 

Bloomberg’s spending is unprecedented, but it once again highlights an inconvenient truth in politics: Campaigns cost money – a lot of money. Even when it isn’t clear if a quid pro quo has taken place, big donors making large contributions or loans to a campaign can lead to the perception of corruption when lawmakers push legislation that benefits those donors after an election, as the recent campaign finance woes of a New York State Senator demonstrate

One possible way to lessen the influence of large private donors is increased public campaign financing, a path forward recently endorsed by the New York Times. This could include programs like Seattle’s “democracy vouchers” or matching programs like New York City’s.

But until those programs come (and Buckley v. Valeo is reversed), wealthier candidates will still be free to attempt to buy elections. We imagine this won’t do much to get more Americans to the ballot box in a nation with some of the developed world’s lowest voting rates.

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