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New York passed major legislation this year, but Albany still hasn’t changed

Climate change, immigration, sexual harassment, rent laws – those are just a handful of the many issues Albany tackled while in session this year. What’s one reform missing from that list? Changing the way Albany works. The New York State Legislature pushed through some major legislation these past months, but midnight hearings, backroom deals and four-figure fundraisers are still our Capitol’s modus operandi.

Here’s what happened in the state:

And here’s what happening in the city:

  • On Wednesday, the City Council’s Committee on Governmental Operations held a hearing for three campaign finance reform bills. If all three bills were to pass…
    • candidates previously convicted of corruption-related offenses would be barred from receiving public matching funds
    • donations as low as $5 could be matched 8-to-1 by the city (currently you must donate at least $10)
    • people seeking land use approvals (AKA large real estate businesses) would have more limitations on when they can make campaign contributions. 
  • Our chapter will soon be trying to find cosponsors for the second bill – please email us at if you’d like to get involved.


  • launched a three-part documentary series about new ballot scanners in New York and how their vulnerabilities might allow for hacking that could swing the vote. Visit their website to watch and find ways to become part of the campaign.

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